Sitapest Social Committee

by Clarence Chua


Welcome to the Social Committee website


14 October 2006

The Social Committee was launched on 1st January 2005. This website has been upgraded recently and is created specially for all of you so that you will be able to view what are the upcoming events being plan by the committee as well as past events held in the Company.

There are some links that may interest you to know more about the various types of pests pertaining to their control methods, biology and technical aspects. As for the kids, if they are showing interest to know more about pests, there is a link specially created for them as well. At the Members List, you will find some email addresses of the following members for you to correspond with on any suggestions you would like to pen down.

Lastly, please don't forget to sign in the guestbook and feel free to write in and view the respective links at your own convenience.



Clarence Chua